Mutual Milestones℠ is a financial education program presented through a partnership between Bank Mutual and FOX6 Milwaukee. The program was designed to simplify common financial questions and concerns to help people better understand their finances, and in turn, make sensible financial decisions. Get the tools you need to start working toward tomorrow’s milestones, today.

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A Roadmap to Financial Security

by Rick Meister

There are many strategies, techniques and tips for saving, but ultimately it comes down to living within your means.

Savings Strategies for Different Life Stages

by Marcus Grant

It’s always a good time to start saving – and the sooner you start, the quicker you’ll be on the path to financial security.

Introducing Mutual Milestones℠

by David A. Baumgarten

We all have milestones we want to reach in life. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start to achieve these goals. That’s why Bank Mutual and FOX6 Milwaukee partnered to create Mutual Milestones. ...

How to Create a Budget on Any Salary

by Maggie Lipski

Whether you earn entry-level pay or bring home a six-figure salary, tracking your spending is one of the best ways to help you achieve your goals.

Tips to Build a Lock Tight Budget

by Doug Winquist

Many people mistakenly believe building a budget is a lot of work. The truth is, taking a little time now to understand your spending patterns will give you greater control of your money.

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